Pick Up The Phone (or Video Conference Line)

In this modern day of advanced communication tools, social media and other related technology we all use to communicate with people, introduce ourselves and make things happen in our business, let’s not forget the value of the simple and timeless tool called the phone.

I’ll never forget the day at Nationwide Cellular, my first sales job in 1992, when my sales manager pulled me aside and told me this: “the phone is your best friend in sales.”  The phone is one of the fastest and shortest distance between two people.  With cell phones, you can make things happen while driving or stuck in traffic.  You can impact people while at your kids sporting events, running errands or while traveling.

There are the top 3 reasons why a phone call is so effective in making sales happen;

1.  Connect with people on an emotional level:  If you are really passionate about what you do and why you do it, and you really believe that the product or service that your represent really is well worth a customer’s time and money, it will come across in your voice.  On a phone call, you have the advantage of infusing powerful convictions and emotions into the person on the other end.  Even if you leave a voicemail, you can accomplish the same thing.  Asking good questions, telling stories, giving examples and conveying value all over the phone can do for you what no social media site, email or brochure can do for you.

2.  Major Time Saver:  Just about every medium or larger size town/city has traffic jams.  We have all been there and hate it.  However, if you are prepared, you can make quality calls while in the car.  Whether it is a live conversation or voicemail, the phone allows you to cover more ground in the same amount of time than just about any other means of effective communication.  If you know that you have a drive or traffic situation ahead of you, plan in advance to make several calls.  Make notes including names and phone numbers and put them on the seat next to you.  Use your time in the car wisely.  Even if you are not in the car, but working from home or an office, make a list of calls to be made the day before and you will have a very productive start to your next car trip or next working day.

3.  Take Advantage of Video:  On a recruiting assignment I recently concluded, myself, our candidates and my client company conducted all of our interviews and debrief sessions using video calls.  There are many services such as Skype, Oovoo and others that are FREE.  I got to know my candidates and the people who work at several of my client companies in a much better way, since we were able to see each other on our interview calls.  To this day, I have not met in person any of the people I’m citing in these examples, but I feel that I know them well since I can easily put a face to a name.  I am now in the habit of asking every person I do business with if they have a Skype name or use another video call service.  It is easy, free and a very effective way to connect with people on a much deeper emotional level, which is critical to building quality relationships and conveying value to people.

The bottom line is this:  Use the phone.  Make a plan to call a certain number of people for your next day or two.  Put a short list of people you can follow up with, be introduced to, or just want to connect with, for your next trip in the car.  Use the phone for all it is worth and you will see a great return on your investment.

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About Antarctic Mike

I work with organizations who want their people to be fired up, fully engaged, and focused on growing the business, not merely maintaining it. I'm an avid adventure athlete, having completed marathons and ultra marathons in some of the world's most challenging conditions including the Canadian Arctic, Mount Washington, Siberia and Antarctica. What I've learned through Antarctic history, including preparing for my own Antarctic expeditions, has taught me significant business and sales principles that I now present in my speaking programs.

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